And the winner is…

At this year’s British Academy Game Awards, the first person post apocalyptic shooter, Destiny won the coveted prize of best game. The first-person shooter was developed by Bungie and it was the US studio’s first release after stopping development on the Halo series. The title has faced many opinions and mixed reviews and its simple plot still continues to divide people. What is interesting about the game winning the top prize, is that Destiny had not won any of the other categories that it had been nominated for at the London ceremony. It appears as though, Bungie‘s repertoire for creating an alien versus alien gun battle game have helped it seize the top prize.

Harold Ryan, Bungie’s president, accepted the award by thanking Destiny’s players. “It’s always a labour of love that we do because of the passion of the fans,” He continued, “They really are the ones who drive you to put the energy and time into putting the game together.”

There were several big budget titles in the running for the top title, including that very popular Assassin’s Creed Unity, the family friendly Mario Kart 8 and the Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. All of which, walked away without any prize. Interestingly, the puzzle game Lumino City beat Assassin’s Creed Unity and Far Cry 4 for artistic achievement. The game was created by using real-world models that were made from paper, card and miniature lights and motors. British game of the year was won by Monument Valley. The developers UsTwo Games, kicked off  small skirmish amongst the gaming community last November after charging £1.49 for extra levels. this fee as thought by some gamers to be justified after trying the levels.

The scare-fest, Alien: Isolation, by developers, The Creative Assembly, only managed to walk away with the audio achievement prize. This was despite entering as the favourite to win, with a total of six nominations.

Destiny has been criticised in lots of ways for having a sparsely populated game world and repetitive gameplay. It has been said that Destiny has struggled to integrate a first-person shooter environment with a massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre. It does look as though Bungie has taken Halo and re-churned it into something that doesn’t quite tick all the boxes, but it seems as though the guys at BAFTA are happy though, doesn’t it?

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