It’s the day all teenagers look forward to – the day when they finally get their driver’s license. In many ways, getting that little piece of plastic sums up a whole phase of childhood. Once you have that license, you’re almost an adult – you’re still limited to your parent’s rules, of course, but you also gain a whole new sense of freedom. I can still remember the first time I put my license in my wallet – I must’ve pulled it out a dozen times that day just to look at it and make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I’d waited two weeks to get the actual plastic copy in the mail. That rite of passage for me and so many others before me might be changing in the future, though – as everything is going the way of smart and digital; drivers licenses too, it seems may be heading down the digital road. If and when that happens, getting your driver’s license may never be the same again.

Could Driver's Licenses Be Going Digital?

Delaware is just one state considering trading plastic licenses for digital ones, and they may soon go into a testing phase to see how well they would actually work.

Just picture this scenario for a moment – you get pulled over in your vehicle by the police, and instead of handing them your driver’s license you hand them your smartphone. Some states already allow you to show the police a digital insurance card, but a digital license? Something tells me not everyone will think it’s a good idea in the long run.

While it would be incredibly convenient in some ways, it could be burdensome in others, especially when it comes to privacy. Also, what about people who don’t use smartphones – would they be forced to upgrade? These and many other questions and concerns would obviously have to be ironed out before such a change could happen.

[Image via DelawareOnline]