As was expected this week, as soon as the ‘Spring Forward’ Apple event was over, there was a new update to iOS owing to the Apple Watch. But since the update there have been numerous complaints of poor battery performance across a range of iOS devices. I for one have found the update to have some good performance updates and the speed of my iPhone 6 Plus has improved somewhat. But I don’t rate the slight performance update compared to the battery drain that I now have, purely due to this update.

I made some enquiries regarding the issue and discovered that because of some of the new updates to the fitness tracking features of iOS, it could be responsible for the battery drain.

So all you need to do is turn off iOS 8.2’s fitness tracking features and hopefully this will ensure your battery lasts a little longer.

To turn off iOS 8.2’s fitness tracking features:

  • First navigate to Settings.
  • Then tap on Privacy.
  • Next tap on Motion & Fitness,
  • and lastly toggle Fitness Tracking from On to Off.
  • All being well, that should have helped a little. I know it’s a very simple process, but it could make an impact on your iPhone’s battery life.

Note that I say could because there are possibly several other reasons that you may be experiencing a weak battery performance on your iPhone. But this is one way that has helped me in the eternal battery drain issue, which plagues all of us on a daily basis.

[image via idownloadblog]