If you’re lucky enough to work in an environment where jeans, t-shirts, and a really sturdy pair of flip flops are acceptable for both casual Fridays and get-your-butt-to-work Mondays, then you’re going to need to show off your intellectual side with these really awesome, geeky shirts.

Remember, it’s not just a t-shirt if it a) causes other people to think, b) educates the masses, or c) provides an inside joke that only you and the other smart people in your office will understand. If it actually ends up irritating the vapid woman at the front desk who plays solitaire all day on her computer because she doesn’t know how to access any other games, bonus points.

Why are there so few t-shirts in this particular collection? Because dude, come on…your name’s not Sheldon Cooper. Limit yourself a little.

Bathroom Blogger

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Well, it's”http://www.zazzle.com/bathroom_blogger_funny_t_shirt-235900395243755813”target=”_blank”>Zazzle