What’s the worst thing you ever did to your parents when you didn’t care for their punishment? Did you yell at them? Slam your bedroom door? Mutter under your breath? Give them the silent treatment for a few days? I remember once when I was upset over getting in trouble for something I did that I decided to cut holes in some of my dad’s new socks. I’ll never forget his reaction as he put on hole-filled sock after hole-filled sock. (Hint: he wasn’t thrilled). But never in a million years, until I eventually fessed up to it, did he imagine I was the one responsible for all of the holes. It turns out my teenage rebellion is nothing compared to what a 12-year-old girl from Colorado allegedly tried to do to her mom when she took her iPhone away from her.

Girl Allegedly Tries To Poison Mom For Taking Away iPhone

According to the local police, the mother noticed a strange odor in her glass as well as an odor coming from the water pitcher in the refrigerator; it turns out the odor was none other than bleach. Somewhere around this time she allegedly realized her near-teenage daughter had attempted to poison her because she’d taken away her iPhone.

There must be some merit to these allegations as the 12-year-old is now spending her time in a local juvenile detention center under charges of attempted first degree murder.

I have no idea why she got her phone taken away in the first place, but I’d imagine it was for a good reason.

[Image via WorldWideWeirdNews]