There are some really dumb criminals out there, but for every so many dumb ones, there are also some incredibly smart ones. One such “smart” one managed to completely get himself out of jail without using any of the old tricks; he didn’t have to tunnel through the wall over a period of multiple years like Shawshank Redemption, and he didn’t have to disguise himself as another dead inmate like in the Count of Monte Cristo. All he had to do was get his hands on an illegal smartphone and do what he did best, which just so happened to be fraud.

Inmate Frees Himself After Sending Fake Email To Prison

He somehow obtained a smartphone behind prison doors and used it to set up a fake domain which he then used to send an email to the prison officials outlining the details of his release from prison. And surprise of all surprises, the email worked – he was let out of Wandsworth Prison in the UK. The ruse worked for three days until some solicitors came to interview him from prison and found he had been released.

Fortunately for the prison, he ended up turning himself back in after he’d been gone for three days, which is a bit of a weird coincidence since it was almost the same time they realized he’d been missing. I’m no expert, but I think he’ll be spending a bit more time behind bars before he’s let out for good. I’m no advocate for people escaping from jail, but this is one of the more creative methods I’ve seen.

[Image via PundItFromAnotherPlanet]

SOURCE: Gizmodo