The new RealSense 3D camera from chip manufacturer Intel, has been described as having one of the next-generation Kinect sensors right inside your laptop. The Intel RealSense 3D camera will, in effect, transform your usual workspace into a kind of holodeck. The system comes complete with a very sophisticated gesture control interface and accurate face-tracking technology, which can even sense your current mood. As well as being marketed at various productivity frameworks, the new technology from Intel is also being thrown at gamers. In fact, one of the first computers to launch with the device is going to be Republic Of Gamers-branded G771 from Asus.

One of the main advantages of the RealSense 3D camera is the ability to play motion-controlled video games without having to use an extra peripheral such as a wireless controller.

The RealSense face scanner will recreate a 3D rendering of a person’s face or head into a 3D game. Apparently this feature doesn’t hold up so well in poor lighting, so I guess late night gaming in a darkened bedroom is not going to go down too well.

The demos that have been on offer have responded well to people’s gestures accurately and without any lag. In just the same way as the Kinect and other motion controllers that are available on the market, it does take a while to get used to the way the system operates, but to be honest, the Kinect only takes a short while to master the controls. People should be able to get to grips with it in a few minutes.

All in all the testing that has been undertaken with the RealSense camera works as advertised from Intel. As usual, it is going to be a while, after roll out, until market stats show just how well the gaming and business community responds to this new tech. It could turn out in just the same manner as the Xbox360 Kinect, but who knows?

[image via Intel]

SOURCE: Gizmodo