Apple had a big day with their Spring Forward event; they released all kinds of details about their forthcoming Apple Watch (including pricing), they released information regarding a new 12-inch Macbook with Retina display, and, among other things, they also announced that iOS 8.2 was available as an update to certain iPhones, iPads, and iPods. While not a huge upgrade, the update did make some needed changes.

iOS 8.2 Released By Apple

Perhaps the biggest change was the addition of an Apple Watch app, which cannot be deleted. If you’re going to buy the Apple Watch, this is the app you’ll use to pair your watch to your iPhone. As of right now though, apart from looking neat, the app doesn’t really do anything. (At least mine didn’t). So, it’s perfect timing for Apple to release the iOS 8.2 update now that they’ve had their big reveal regarding the highly-anticipated smartwatch.

The other big change has to do with how the Health app works. It now has a whole lot more user input options, including the ability to input your exercise information from third-party apps. If you used the app before, then you know just how limited it seemed to be. Sure, it tracked your steps, but that seemed to be just about all it did easily; we’ll have to see how much of an improvement this update makes.

Of course those weren’t the only areas updated, just the main highlights. The update also claims to improve Music, Maps, and Mail among other apps.

I updated earlier and found it to be a seamless process; it doesn’t take a whole lot of storage space to do it over the air, and it probably took less than 10 minutes for the installation and all.

Have you installed iOS 8.2 yet? If so, what do you think?

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SOURCE: Business Insider