Jay Z’s recently acquired music streaming service Tidal is kickstarting its first major campaign, #TidalForAll. The campaign is focused on artists changing their profile and background image to a turquoise color.


Several prominent artists including Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West, Jack White, Madonna, Calvin Harris and deadmau5 are involved in the company as co-owners. Jay Z even tweeted for the first time since January to kick off the campaign.

Tidal currently has 20,000 subscribers but Jay Z is hoping with star power and early access to new tracks, that could grow to the Spotify popularity. Spotify has 15 million paying subscribers, but artists and labels have both called the service out for underpaying.

These new exclusive deals alongside early access should entice fans of several artists. There is no free option like on Spotify, meaning if people want to stream music, they need to pay for the service at the start.

This will please artists like the Black Keys, Adele and Taylor Swift who have all took a stand against Spotify, Rdio and other music streaming services. Music labels like Universal Music Group and Ministry of Sound might also look into shutting down Spotify ties.

Tidal has one of the best quality services in the music industry, offering full lossless quality sound. Several reviews claim it is much better than Spotify and other music platforms, and can even rival services like Pono Player.

This all sounds good, but Jay Z’s plan has to pay off big time to draw the same amount of revenue that Spotify is churning out to artists.

Beats Music is relaunching in June as well, looking to offer the same sort of high quality paid service that Tidal is offering. It is not clear if Apple is working on exclusive tracks with artists, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it has some ideas up its sleeve to beat competitors like Spotify and Tidal.

Image Credit: [Tidal]