Out of lives on Candy Crush? Tired of begging your ever-shrinking Facebook friends list for lives (shrinking because you keep sending game requests instead of posting cat videos)? Then take a look at these other great app-based games, all built around the concept of the match-three puzzle without being just another cheap imitation. Looking at you there, Bejeweled, Candy Swipe, Jewel Mania, Jelly Splash, et al.

The following games bring a new twist to the three-match experience, all requiring some level of effort other than unfocusing your eyes and moving your finger tip around. From words game to Tetris-like speed, these variations will keep you guessing.

Bake Shop Drop

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This one works a lot like Tetris in that the next pieces drop down on you and you have to position them where you want them to go. Careful, or you could block a line you've been patiently building.