Every day it seems, more and more people are facing the serious consequences of not paying attention to what’s happening in front of them due to looking down at a smartphone. Just last week, TechBeat shared the story of a woman who walked right into a moving train because she was allegedly paying too much attention to her texting. She was thrown into the air and received some minor injuries, but luckily she was okay all things considered.

Lady Hit With Ball At NBA Game As She Stares At Phone

There is now a video making the internet rounds that’s sure to make you think twice before staring for too long at that screen. The video below was taken at an NBA game between the Kings and the Hornets. As you can see, the woman the camera is focused on is looking at the phone of the person sitting beside her; there must have been something really exciting happening on the screen, because as you can clearly see, she has absolutely no idea there’s a basketball heading straight for her face. And while the video is fairly graphic and undoubtedly painful for the woman, I had to watch it several times – and you’ll probably be the same way.

You never know when you’re going to get hit in the face with something, so make sure you’re always mindful of your surroundings.

[Image via Inquisitr]