I can only imagine all of the different kinds of Star Wars inspired things that will be coming out up to (and even after) the release of The Force Awakens in December. Unless an actual lightsaber finally comes out though, the things I think I’m most excited about are the drones this guy named Oliver C. keeps making. Though you may not remember his name off the top of your head, you may well remember the Millennium Falcon drone he built all by himself – in case you missed that, here’s a link to Techbeat’s coverage of said drone. (Okay, it was more like a “skin” he built, but still most impressive!) Not satisfied with only creating Han Solo’s famous ride, Oliver C. has also created something a little darker.

Man Builds Tie Fighter Drone

His newest drone creation is a replica of the Tie Interceptor, a ship used in the movies to try and destroy the Rebel Alliance. While he posted DIY instructions for how to build your own Millennium Falcon skin, it remains to be seen if he’ll do the same for the Tie Fighter. One can’t give away all of their secrets after all!

I have to admit – his drone creations are pretty impressive, and don’t at all have that “homemade” feel to them when you watch them in action. Speaking of watching them in action, you can view the video of the Tie Interceptor below:

Who would’ve thought we’d end up using drones to create our favorite vehicles from the world of science fiction?

[Image via iMagazine]