The Mars One mission has been criticised by quite a few outlets now, but the reports of 200,000 applicants, investment from TV production group Endemol and first mission by 2018 might be greatly exaggerated according to one of the applicants.


It was only a matter of time before one of the Mars One candidates starting disclosing information, considering all of the questions people have regarding the mission.

Turns out most of the internal issues were under non disclosure agreements (NDA), the big reason why most of the candidates have kept quiet. Dr. Joseph Roche is the first to come forward, shedding some light on the Mars One mission.

First off, the Mars One mission does not have 200,000 candidates, but in fact 2,761. That is a pretty massive discrepancy, but it did seem a little odd 200,000 people were willing to leave Earth and never come back.

The team running the Mars One mission are also pushing candidates to donate to the cause for “points” that will go towards the chance to appear on the TV show and go to Mars, and in an agreement the team asks for 75% of all profits from TV or news appearances go to the fund.

Roche has not met any Mars One candidate in person and has only been to a few meetings with the team, before the NDAs started flying around and the team became a lot more lax, scheduling short Skype calls in place of physical presence at an interview.

The lack of medical examination is a worrying factor, Roche claims there is no piloting experience needed, or any experience in physics, astrophysics or any other profession a normal astronaut would need just to get an interview at NASA.

Considering Mars is a much more daunting task than the Moon or the International Space Station, it looks almost impossible for these candidates – who are buying themselves a ticket on the Mars One flight – to get to Mars.

Add to the bundle of confusion the fact Endemol cancelled its $6 billion agreement with Mars One to fund a TV show, and now there is no money, no training and no partnership available to actually reach Mars.

Sadly, it looks like Mars One does not stand any chance of liftoff. Now that one candidate has blown the operation, more news is bound to come spilling out.