Nest is looking to enter new ground in the ‘Internet of Things’ market, adding a new job post for a leadership position in a new team, Nest Audio.


Given Nest’s goals of redefining the appliance to something much better, this job posting probably isn’t a simple sound-bar or speaker setup, but instead a potential solution to all types of issues with audio.

It could also be a way for Nest to utilise the voice recognition service from its parent Google, to essentially make the house capable of hearing the owner and listening to everything he/she has to say.

Having a type of automated listening device, activated by a single command, could be a big step in making voice recognition and virtual assistance part of everyday life.

This is all in the realm of guesswork right now however, meaning Nest could full well launch a sound-bar to challenge Sonos and Samsung, even though this would be a little unimpressive considering the huge push the thermostat and smoke detector had on the smart home.

It would also annoy partners of “Works With Nest” who have connected into the ecosystem in the hope their sound system would be exclusive, rather than a competitor against Nest’s own brand.

Even if it is a simple audio speaker, it will not be the next product launched by Nest, since the job posting only went up a few days ago. Nest will most likely be into at least a few other projects, including the dumped Google Glass project.

In the next few years Nest might be the de facto smart home supplier and a major Google-arm, similar to YouTube and Calico, or it might fail against some of the other ‘Internet of Things’ suppliers and become just another one of the developers trying to make the home a modern day autonomous paradise.