If you like music, (who doesn’t?) there are lots of Internet radio and music streaming services out there that can offer numerous services that vary in price for the type of service you want to receive. There are free services that are usually supported by advertising and there are paid-for services. The pay service makes sense if you want to avoid ads.

Pandora music services offer ad-supported and non ad-supported services. A recent enquiry to Pandora unveiled that the music streaming firm are going to have their ad-free service, which will be offered later on this year, as a day pass type of service, which will be made available to customers who only want an ad-free experience for a single day.

It was revealed during an investor call with a company executive, that the Pandora day pass may cost as little as $0.99 per day, that would give customers a full day of ad-free streaming. It was later confirmed to Gigaom that Pandora that they will indeed release a day pass later on this year.

It was mentioned, however, that the pricing structure and the length of the on-demand services that will be made available are still being tweaked, so nothing has been finalised as pricing and exact timing are yet to be determined.

A spokesperson for Pandora has said that the day pass will allow customers explore and choose what type of music service is just right for them. The new day pass will also be a good option for those users who are looking for an ad-free experience for just a single particular event.

Pandora currently is priced at $4.99. For that price it provides subscribers with higher-quality audio, more skips and no ads. The subscription price was raised to this from $3.99 last year.

[image via forum.kodi]

SOURCE: Uber Gizmo