It’s a day PlayStation 4 users have been waiting for since 2013 – the day when they’d finally be able to suspend and resume their games without having to save and load them again from the home screen. Saving and loading games can be such a hassle; I can remember several times when I forgot to save my game and had to redo a part I had just earlier completed all because I failed to hit the “save” button. Don’t get me wrong – I’m thankful we’re able to save and continue our games from the exact spot we left off, because I can still remember the days when my Sega Genesis made me restart every game from the very beginning. (Yes, I’m talking about you, Sonic and Streets of Rage 2.) You talk about depressing – you’ve finally made it to a certain spot finally and then your parents tell you it’s time to mow the grass or something and force you to shut everything off, only to make you restart from scratch later. So yes, saving is definitely a good thing, and thanks to a new PlayStation 4 update, it’s about to become even greater. (And easier!)

PlayStation 4 Finally Gets New Suspend/Resume Feature

First promised back in 2013, the newest update from Sony (PlayStation 4 v2.50) will allow gamers to suspend/rest their game from wherever they are in it, and will then allow them to resume it once they wake up their machine. No longer will they have to go through the main menu and load the game to restore their progress. So, if work or dinner interrupts your gaming progress, no worries – just put the thing to rest! Also, you won’t even have to go to the save menu anymore which is sure to save a few precious seconds of your day.

The new update will be available on Thursday, March 26th.

[Image via SonyPS4]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech