Roberts Space Industries has been working on its mega space simulation experience Star Citizen for three years now. In that time, it has invested in side content, visual upgrades and a steady line of preliminary updates.


The total accumulation of additional content to the space exploration game will incur a hefty fee on the hard-drives of the the 833,000 backers currently on board, with Roberts Space Industries confirming the game will be over 100GB in size.

This is a huge number for a video game, with huge games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Skyrim and World of Warcraft not even half the size of Star Citizen.

That said, Star Citizen has the potential to offer 100 of hours of game play even without replaying certain parts. Assets for the space exploration and simulation will be up to 4K resolution and Roberts Space Industries is offering a massive world.

On top of that, things like first-person shooters, racing and other side parts included in the stretch goals are bound to be a few gigabytes each, adding to the already massive world of Star Citizen.

That is what the backers wanted though, considering over $75 million has been raised and the game continues to be funded well into its third year.

The worry is these backers will be left unfulfilled when Star Citizen finally arrives, hopefully either this year or next. It has huge expectations, meaning the end result needs to be outstanding or face massive backlash.