If you remember from a couple weeks back, it was revealed that Apple had been working on a set of diverse emojis to roll out in a future update (iOS 8.3). Instead of the stock “white” emojis, there would be six different ones to choose from, all available at the holding down of the picture. While that sounded great in theory as everyone wants to be represented equally with their own emoji(s), not everyone was thrilled about it; redheads, in particular, were a little miffed they seemed left out of the diversity. As a result, a lady named Ginger Parrot who operates a website for redheads, decided to file an online petition with Change.org to get redheads included in future emoji choices.

Redheads Want Their Own Diverse Emojis Too!

Here’s part of her reasoning in the petition: “Redheads. In all their glorious gingerness, they’ve been missed out. Again. If you say you’re going to diversify, why not add a few red-haired emoji in the mix? Natural redheads may be rare at less than 2% of the world’s population, but that is 138,000,000 iPhones waiting to happen.” Wow – 138,000,000 iPhones? She needs 5,000 signatures to get the petition through, and as of this writing she’s received 4,435 of them, which is pretty impressive.

I see no reason why we shouldn’t have redhead emojis, blonde emojis, hair-dyed pink emojis – maybe someone will come up with an app in the future where we can all create custom emojis to use; the more I think about it, the better of an idea that seems. Hmm…if only I was an app developer.

What do you think? Do you find it hard to believe someone filed a petition so we could have redheaded emojis?

[Image via Change.org]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech