The latest Samsung rumour to hit the mill is that they are more than interested in acquiring AMD. If the rumour does turn out to be true, then any Samsung smartphones and tablets that are released in the future could possibly receive a massive boost in graphics. Can you imagine the future S7 with an AMD Radeon-powered graphics chip?

So, is there any credibility to the latest rumour that Samsung is considering acquiring AMD? Of course, we can only theorise, but there are definitely lots of reasons why Samsung would want to buy out AMD. The patent portfolio alone is huge, not to mention years of experience designing and building chips.

AMD has fallen from their heyday, a time when Athlon 64 was all the rage. Even so, they are still a powerful firm in the technology industry. These days even more computing workload is being transferred from CPUs to GPUs. So it comes as no surprise that AMD’s Radeon technology will make for tempting target for a firm like Samsung.

If Samsung were to have Radeon as part of their portfolio they would not need to look to an outside body again for their GPUs. Also, AMD has tons of experience with ARM-based processors, even though they have only been targeting servers up to now.

If Samsung do purchase AMD, then they really would become a force to be reckoned with and they could produce some serious Exynos chips in the future.

Of course Samsung may just be collaborating with AMD and they could just be getting the best from each other regarding a chip design or a fabrication process, but who knows?

[Image via eteknix]