You’d think people would be mostly interested in all of the historical artifacts found at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., but the famous museum (of all places) is having trouble with people using selfie sticks to take selfies of themselves. In fact, it’s become such a problem that the museum has made a special announcement about how they are banning selfie sticks from being used while in the museum. The statement reads: “For the safety of our visitors and collections, the Smithsonian prohibits the use of tripods or monopods in our museums and gardens. Effective today, March 3, monopod selfie sticks are included in this policy.”

The statement continues, “This is a preventive measure to protect visitors and objects, especially during crowded conditions. We encourage museum visitors to take selfies and share their experiences — and leave the selfie sticks in their bags.”

The Smithsonian Bans Selfie Sticks

President Obama demonstrates how to properly use a Selfie Stick.

I must be a little behind the times on this one, because until this week I had no idea what a selfie stick was. If you’re like me and have no clue what it is, it’s a “monopod” rod that holds your phone beyond your arm’s normal length so you can take better selfies. (Because we didn’t already have enough selfies in the world). Sadly, though, it doesn’t surprise me that people are creating devices to help us take better selfies.

So, if you’re planning on trekking to the Smithsonian, please make sure you leave your selfie stick at the hotel or in the car!

[Image via Washington Times]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech