Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is on a tour around Europe before the launch of the Apple Watch, the company’s first product launched under the new CEO.


The success of the Apple Watch will mean more than an additional bit of revenue for the company, as many consider Apple lacking innovation ever since the loss of Steve Jobs.

Cook spoke to The Telegraph  on the subject of why customers would want a wearable, saying “this will be just like the iPhone: people wanted it and bought for a particular reason, perhaps for browsing, but then found out that they loved it for all sorts of other reasons.”

When the iPhone first launched, there was plenty of skepticism in the tech community, but that was quickly eradicated by the overwhelming amount of buyers and fans of the iPhone.

Part of the popularity was due to the iPhone doing more than any other device, including an apps store, a full touch-screen and a platform with all of Apple’s services.

Cook claims health will be a big part of the Apple Watch appeal in the early stages, due to dozens of sensors being able to track hundreds of different things of the user.

This advanced health monitoring and tracking should be useful for health organisations and doctors, who will reportedly get direct feed from the user.

Apple is also planning to offer rewards for reaching fitness goals, but Cook did not mention if these were monetary rewards like a free pair of Apple headphones for half a mile jog every day for a month.

Other features like removing the car key will be available on the Apple Watch, and Tesla Motors is already working on an app to unlock and bring the car to the owner.

Cook claims the Apple Watch will filter important notifications to the user. Apple will document all of the changes at its March 3 event in San Francisco.

[Image Credit: Apple]

SOURCE: The Telegraph