Even though the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are selling hotly off the shelves, people are still enamored by the prospects of what the next iPhone will have. One of the top questions seems to revolve around whether it will be waterproof or not. While I’ve never dropped my phone in the toilet, forgot to take it out of my pocket before putting it in the wash, or accidentally jumped into the pool with it in my pocket, I do know plenty of people who have. It’s a need not too many smartphone makers account for, although Samsung attempted it in the past with their latest Galaxy S5 phone, and Sony did as well with their Xperia ZR. In a world where watches have been waterproof/water-resistant for ages, you’d think more manufacturers would adopt the same practice for our phones.

Will The Next iPhone Be Waterproof?

Apple may indeed be considering making the next version of the iPhone waterproof, if a patent application filed last week has anything to say about it. The patent application specifically mentions coating the innards of the phone with a hydrophobic spray. If they do go with this method, the design of the iPhone could remain virtually unchanged, as no real physical changes will have to be made for it to be effective.

We shouldn’t expect to know anything concrete for a while though, as we all know how tight-lipped Apple likes to be when it comes to their future products. Hopefully this patent filing will eventually turn into a success story and future iPhones (not to mention other phones) can take advantage of similar means to protect phones from water.

[Image via Inquisitr]

SOURCE: Gizmodo