There are numerous storage solutions out there on the Internet to choose from. I guess your choice all boils down to how much do you want to spend in relation to how much data you have to store. There is also the fact that you could be very picky about who you let hold our data for you, but that is a whole other topic. Take Internet retailer Amazon for instance. They have just announced two unlimited storage plans for the cloud-based storage service which they provide. Amazon Cloud Drive has seen a gigantic price reduction for the storage service in the sky.

The newly priced plans focus on two specific groups of users; Those who have stacks of photos and those who have stacks of everything from documents, videos, games and photos. If you fall into the first category, then you can check out the Unlimited Photos plan that costs $11.99 per year. If you fall into the latter category, you should check out the Unlimited Everything plan. As is pretty obvious from the title, you can store anything in this puppy and it’ll run you $59.99 per year.

If you are unsure about just how much data you have to store, then don’t panic, as Amazon have it covered with a free three-month trial. This is so you can see how much “unlimited” space you really do need.  If you split up the payments it work out at a monthly cost of $5. That’s right $5. some have said that it’s a no brainer and to be honest, if Amazon hold up to their side of the bargain, then it is.

Prior to today, Amazon offered their Cloud Storage at 5GB of storage for no cost,moving onto a tiered pricing structure which ran from 20GB for $10/year to 1TB/year for $500.

It has not been made clear, as yet, whether Amazon will allow users to remain on the free 5GB plan or will be upgraded to the $11.99 program. The company has said “Existing Cloud Drive customers can change their plans now by simply logging into their Cloud Drive accounts.” This definitely suggests old plans are going the way of the dodo, although no timescale has been given for this.

The free 15GB that is available from firms such as Google and Microsoft is plenty of storage for most users, if the data stored are mostly non-media files. If you have large movie files, games, and the like, then  an “unlimited” service like this really could be worth the money. $5/month is really, really cheap.

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