Amazon decided to launch its next major step in online shopping on April Fools day, surprising and putting everyone in cautious mode. Thankfully, the Dash button is not a joke, but will be an actual product for Prime users.


Restocking can be a tiring experience and sometimes people forget what needs to be bought. Amazon is offering a new way for people to restock with one press of the Dash button, a small WiFi module that when pressed sends an instant order to Amazon for a certain item.

These items will be categorised by the brand logo on the Dash button, meaning users can place dozens around the house for every type of home supply. Water, nappies, toilet paper and detergent can all be ordered on Amazon, meaning each one can be a Dash button.

Amazon has partnered with a few suppliers in the US and Prime owners can get an invite to the program. It is not clear how much the Dash button will cost, or if it will come on a subscription service to the product owner.

Dash button is set up through WiFi and Amazon users can cancel an order through the mobile device. Amazon will also only let the user order one item every few days, meaning if you press the button ten times it will only amount to one order.

It is a new step and one that pushes Amazon further into the home. Combined with the launch of its virtual assistant Echo last year, it is clear Amazon wants to have a more physical appearance inside the home, even if it does not have a physical store.

Amazon will roll out the Dash button later this month, but has not announced when the full roll out the public will become available.