Amazon’s plans are to one day use delivery drones to deliver packages to people around the world. They’ve even gone through several stages of development for their drones, but haven’t had too much luck with the FAA. With the testing rules as governed by the FAA, Amazon would be hard pressed to perform the kind of testing they need to do to make sure their drones could be successful in the real world. (One of the hardest rules to follow would be to make sure the drone stayed in the pilot’s line of sight at all times – that would be quite hard when the delivery is more than a few feet away). As a result of this, Amazon is now in the process of testing their delivery drones in Canada.

Amazon Testing Their Drones In Canada

Amazon is reportedly using drones that weigh under 55 pounds and carry packages that weigh five pounds or less, and fly at speeds not exceeding 50 MPH at altitudes between 200 and 500 feet.

Personally, I can’t wait for the day a drone delivers a package to my door, though ringing the doorbell might prove a hard task. I also realize there’s going to be all kinds of red tape that will have to be cut through before the FAA will allow anything like this to happen in the United States, so it might not be very wise to hold your breath for this to happen anytime soon.

[Image via DailyMail]

SOURCE: TechCrunch