You only thought our lives couldn’t get any better with the invention of the self-driving car, the tablet computer, and a phone more powerful than the computers your high school had for typing and business classes. Just to prove that there are no limits to the innovation Man is capable of (and to prove that we’ll spend money on just about anything), here is a quick look at some of the Kickstarter campaigns that have us not only scratching our heads, but also secretly clicking “back this campaign.” WARNING: There are no potato salad campaigns in this slideshow, much to our ultimate dismay.

Apocalypse Camp

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For all those times you wish you’d paid better attention in How to Be a Bad A$$ 101, we give you a weekend getaway known as Apocalypse Camp. What better way to while away a lazy weekend than learning to hot wire a car, learning to pick a lock, learning to throw a grappling hook and slide down a zip line, and other skills we pray we never have to actually use?