My wife frequently tells me I depend on my GPS more often than I should, and she may have a point. (Not that I’d ever admit it to her face). I do use it quite a bit, and I even use it around town when I mostly know where I’m going, and of course I use it on trips when I have absolutely no idea where I’m going. And, more often than not, I will listen to the GPS over my wife which is never a good idea. After all, I think, the GPS has to be giving me the correct directions – it’s too smart to be wrong. Sadly, more often than I’d like to admit, my GPS has been wrong – and most of the time, I think I can blame it on some kind of recent construction that has yet to be reported to the mapping software. (Though there do seem to be random glitches whenever I hit certain parts of the same highway which I’ve yet to explain).

Even though I do use my GPS like my life sometimes depends on it, I like to think my common sense would outweigh its directions if it was telling me to do something outrageous, like, say, to drive off a bridge that had been closed for construction. Yet that’s the alleged situation that a husband and wife in Indiana found themselves in.

Driver Follows His GPS Off Bridge And His Wife Gets Killed

The husband was driving near the Cline Bridge which had been closed for a while due to construction (and it’s well marked with signs and cones) when his GPS allegedly told him to cross the bridge. He did so, sending the car on a 37-foot drop, which tragically killed his wife.

Something tells me his wife did everything she could to get his attention.

Drivers, please pay more attention to the road than to your smartphone or your GPS; more lives are at stake than just your own.

[Image via NWITimes]