It’s a lot of fun to take a poke around Google maps and look at the street view. Whether you’re checking out your ex-girlfriend’s house or nosing around to see what your old fraternity managed to do with all that money they got in the fundraising drive, it’s pretty cool to just take a peek at different places.

Unless that place is the White House. Or the entire northern half of Pakistan. Or certain sensitive sights scattered around the world (looking at you, Ramstein Air Base). Then Google’s going to have some bad news for you…access denied.

Take a look at these other sites that may or may not make any sense for being designated as off-limits to internet map snoopers.

The White House

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It seems like a no-brainer that you wouldn't want to hand satellite or street view images of the President's house to random internet users, but I think there's something even more sinister at work here. The White House has a team of gardeners to make it look presentable at all times. MY house is visible just to shame me into cutting the grass more often.