If you’re logging on these days (especially from a public hotspot or other unsecured connection) and you don’t have top-notch antivirus and antimalware software installed and updated, there’s no nice way to tell you this: you’re playing with fire. Fortunately, with the availability of free-but-worthy names in malicious software protection, there’s no excuse to leave your tech vulnerable.


One of the more popular downloads on FileHippo, RogueKiller, is a tidy little package that does a lot at a no-frills price tag, while still taking on more of the major threats that day-to-day users are likely to encounter. Written in C++ and available with interfaces in five different languages, it’s a pretty strong ally for nothing.

The recent update to version includes some great features, including maintaining the software’s ability to stop malicious processes through signature finding and some other pretty basic methods, and to fight off a few of the better known infections out there. One of the best features is the upgraded ability to read then fix malicious Master Boot Records (MBR), even those that have been hidden by rootkit.

Since RogueKiller is maintained by a small team of dedicated pros and is really only capable of common forms of malware (like rogues and trojans), it’s not the most aggressive tool in the box, but it does get updated fairly often when widespread news of an attack makes headlines. But for what you’re gonna pay for the download, it’s another great way to help secure your computer.

Click HERE to download the latest version of RogueKiller from FileHippo.