Opera Mini Browser recently received some big updates that have seemingly changed everything about the popular browser. The UI saw a mega-revamp and new features were added like new omnibar support, gesture controls, and data saving features. Opera Mini is one of the world’s most popular web browsers, racking up 1 million downloads in the first 24 hours of its new updates, and is compatible with almost any smartphone.

opera mini

Opera Mini’s new design is clean, functional, and sexier than previous versions. The omnibar up top features a plus symbol for adding bookmarks while the bottom is home to back and forward controls, tab controls, the menu button, and a redesigned Speed Dial feature. The settings screen also comes with a slew of new features including layout preferences, optional text sizes, tab behavior,  protocol, and network so you can test to see if you have a functioning connection. These are huge pros for power users who like to have maximum control over their browsing experience.

Opera Mini is receiving a lot of praise for putting a lot of controls in a relatively small amount of space, not to mention making them easy to find and easy to access. The browser is also receiving recognition from tests run by Cigniti that confirm the browser helps save battery life too. A lot of other browsers out there might consider taking notes.

Not only is the freshly updated browser sexier but it’s faster too. A data compression feature that minimizes the amount of data you use while browsing now comes with the app. Anyone who wants to conserve data consumption on mobile will find this useful. The Speed Dial function allows users to set up their most frequently visited sites for faster loading and browsing and the option to sync Speed Dials with open tabs has also been added during the update.

Additionally, Incognito mode was added during the update for secure browsing as well as a new night mode that was designed to make browsing more pleasurable after sundown by reducing eye strain via brightness toggling.