Google Chrome is a popular web browser, thanks to the repeated updates and bug fixes the developers have produced that work to make it run more smoothly and efficiently. As we’re now up to Chrome 43.0, you’d think there wouldn’t be that much more the company can do that would surprise and delight users, but you’d be wrong.


Longtime fans will note that Google Chrome has a reputation for being one of the fastest launching web browsers, and this update keeps that theme going thanks to its close association with a Java script engine that makes applications just seem to run faster.

What users will really love is the simple, streamlined interface that has made Chrome so popular. It’s clean, it’s easy to decipher, it doesn’t require any hunting around for buttons or tabs, and it’s just as user-friendly in this go around. Of course, the Incognito mode is a hugely popular privacy feature that lets users browse the web without building a browser history, removing cookies on shutdown, and more. We especially like the Sandboxing feature that keeps watch for malware and other suspicious software.

Interestingly, the developers have restricted the access to older versions of the browser. If you have a previous version installed never fear as it will still work just fine, but you won’t be able to find legal downloads of previous versions if you haven’t already installed it. You might also find yourself strong-armed into downloading the latest version by constant, relentless reminders that version 43 is better! Click the update… you’ll feel better.

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