Are you a Candy Crushaholic? Can’t get enough of Ruzzle Adventure or Farm Heroes Saga? Join the club. But are you also tired of draining your battery or trying to activate the controls on the tiny touchscreen? Then you’d probably like to play those same addictive games (or use your top functionality apps) on your PC or laptop. If only there was a way…


Oh, that’s right. There is a way. It’s called BlueStacks, and it’s already one of the top downloads on FileHippo. Trust us, 90 million users can’t all be wrong. Even better, the developer has released an update that it makes it run even more smoothly and perform even faster.

Powered by Android apps and with investors ranging from Intel to Samsung, this one is really one of the tools to have. Of course, it’s not just about getting to enjoy Castle Clash on a bigger screen. This software lets you share files from your PC to your mobile device and vice versa, making it the ideal office companion in addition to letting you sneak in a little game time. Throw in the configuration that lets you still connect it through Facebook or Twitter, and it really is just like you’ve stretched your mobile phone screen into a better gaming experience.

Warning, iOS lovers…it’s only powered by Android apps for now. But a Mac version is coming soon, and hopefully some of your favorite Appletastic apps will be next.

Check out all the great features for this tool and download it from FileHippo by clicking HERE.