While the rest of the computing world–and by that I mean Baby Boomers posting their vacation pics to Facebook–digs its heels in and steadfastly sticks to Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Internet Explorer, the really savvy users are getting the job done with one of the lesser known but fully capable alternate browser options. Some of these little guys even offer superior functionality in terms of things like speed, a clean user interface, accessibility options, and more.

Internet Browsers

One of the latest updates for an alternate web browser option is Citrio, whose update to version 42 is now online and ready for download. This browser is known for its blazing speed and its support for multimedia work, meaning that video you’re working on isn’t going to give you a swirly buffering icon while you go make another cup of coffee. Since Citrio is powered by the open source Chromium project, there are two things that make it awesome: it’s always free for both personal and professional use, and privacy is crucial to the developers. Your web security is pretty much a given with this browser thanks to its Proxy Widget. How does that work? How about letting you change your IP address with a few clicks in order to keep doxxers, cyberstalkers, and cyberbullies at bay?

One of my favorite features is the inbuilt download manager which not only works really fast, it lets you pause a download and come back to it. Of course, its embedded Media Grabber means you can download multiple files at once without having to close out all your other programs just to let it keep up.

All of this comes with a full library of extensions and add-ons, so you won’t be losing out on the features you appreciate about other browsers just by making the switch to one with better skills.

To download the latest version of Citrio from FileHippo, click HERE.