Backing up your PC is always a good idea. It’s the ideal way to protect your important files from data issues, hardware failure, and  virus attacks. If you use a simple file-based backup system, it’ll be quick, but mostly because you’ll be leaving a lot behind: browser favorites, contacts, emails, fonts, music, photos, and the list goes on. But if you use Macrium Reflect Free 6, recently released from Paramount Software, the program will take a complete image of your entire hard drive. Although it may take longer to run this type of backup, you’ll pat yourself on the back should disaster ever strike.


The biggest news surrounding this Macrium Reflect Free update is support for differential images, which saves time by only recording data that has changed since the last update. The program is incredibly easy to use and no manual scheduling is necessary as long as you select the “Differential Backup Set” template. Upon making this selection the program automatically schedules the necessary backup jobs for you.

Macrium Reflect Free supports Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service which means it can create an image of your hard drive while using your PC and the Windows PE Rescue Environment is easier to set up and use than ever before. The program will automatically identify and install (if necessary) any extra drivers you need for disk or network access, and provide you with the option of creating a boot menu so you can launch without the need for a rescue disk.

With Macrium Reflect Free 6 it’s also possible to create a bootable Linux-based rescue CD with network support. If your PC won’t start you can boot from the the rescue CD and restore to your last backup. In addition to this feature, images can now be automatically verified to ensure integrity, and Paramount built on to the UI overhaul they started in the previous update by improving the redesigned interface, supporting drag-and-drop, and adding new wizards.

You can download Macrium Reflect Free 6 from FileHippo. The program is available for anyone running Windows XP and later.