If you’ve taken a peek around the FileHippo site, you may have noticed a pretty cool truth: our users are fairly discerning when it comes to what they like and don’t like in software. Some of the top names in applications may only have an average rating from our users, and that kind of feedback is invaluable for developers who are looking to make their products even better.

free studio

So when a particular software or application has a user rating of 4-stars of better, you know there’s been a lot of work on the developer’s end. One of those instances is Free Studio, whose most recent update has only made one of the top free multimedia tools even better.

Produced by DVDVideoSoft and organized as five stand-alone applications that are bundled into a suite of products, Free Studio is a video creator’s dream. These tools are broken down into sections called Downloaders, Uploaders, Converters, Recorders and Editors for easier use, depending on what type of content you’re working with.

This isn’t just for uploading a YouTube video from your phone of your friend ski jumping over a barbeque pit; this software lets you work in reverse, enabling you to download a video and convert it MP4 or MP3 for consumption on PCs and mobile devices. You can also record video and audio from Skype for other uses, edit your audio and video, and lots more.

Best of all, this free software is checked to be sure it’s spyware- and adware-free. So how can they offer such a powerful and popular bundle for free if you don’t have to worry about that kind of hidden software? Because it will come with third-party links and software download options, all of which can be opted out of and are located front and center, giving you the choice to install or not.

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