These days, you can’t be careful enough about your antivirus and antimalware protection. New threats crop up every day, and some of them have gotten quite nasty. We’ve moved on from the days of accidentally clicking a juicy link and installing a virus, or responding to a Nigerian prince email and having our screens flooded with pop ups. Some of the sophisticated malicious software is serious stuff, and that’s why you can’t leave your system unprotected.

Rogue Killer

Fortunately, there’s RogueKiller, an anti-malware program written in C++ that can hunt down and wipe out generic malwares based on heuristics, signature finding, and undocumented hacks, but it can do so much more. This software can even work its magic on some advanced threats like anti-spyware, rootkits, and worms, and names like ZeroAccess or TDSS.

Admittedly, RogueKiller was developed and kept up by a pretty small team of tech heroes, so that means their updates are based on whatever new threats come along and make a hateful name for themselves. Luckily, the folks there are die-hard and round the clock workers, so they get new updates available pretty fast, especially if its a global threat that stands to impact a lot of users.

When you first download and run RogueKiller, you’ll have the option to perform a full scan of your computer to look for malicious programs and entries. Once it’s done, it will display a list of the issues it found and let you take action to fix them. It has some individual fixes, like repairing missing shortcuts due to the FakeHDD program, correcting your HOSTS file, and handling any proxy server hijackers.

Features in the latest update include:

Stop malware services and unload its DLLs from processses.
Fix DNS hijackers, fix Proxy Hijackers, and repair the HOSTS file
Restores any shortcuts that have been hidden by rogues
Check out the Master Boot Record for Rootkit infections
Display and restore patched system files

To download the latest version of RogueKiller from FileHippo, click HERE.