Each week, FileHippo brings you the latest software updates, beta tests, and brand-new downloads from a full complement of software developers and vendors. Some of the updates will simply address minor bug fixes or other compatibility issues, but others will offer major overhauls, brand-new interfaces, higher functionalities, and more. The new offerings will provide users with a trusted source to download software that’s either a known industry name or an entirely new offering, all with the trusted FileHippo name behind it.


This week, one of the most exciting programs we now offer is SketchUp Pro, a leading software package that is in use in practically every field that relies on design. From architects to engineers and everyone in between, if there’s something to be designed, chances are SketchUp–and probably the Pro model–is the tool they’re doing it with. Even better, SketchUp works in conjunction with members of the autism community through its Project Spectrum, as the intuitive system has produced some mind-blowing works of design from individuals (even children) with ASD.

There are way too many features in the recent release to list, but this one includes compatibility with the Lion OS, Ruby plugin improvements, advanced camera tools, and tons more.

Two other exciting offers that are new to FileHippo happened in the world of internet security, with both Kaspersky Security Scan and AVG Internet Security releasing updates. We know, trust us… we get it. Installing antivirus software will mean having to wait for it to install an update from time to time, which is about as fun as watching paint dry (or files download), but you’ve got to do it. Don’t wait. Whenever there’s an update for software that blocks malicious programs, you have to do it. Otherwise, you’re not protected from the latest threats out there, and some of them are nasty (looking at you, Rombertik).

The rest of the new titles on FileHippo this week include:

Badoo social network service
Unchecky application that blocks installation of annoying software
UniPDF Converter
Recover My Files application to recover files that have been deleted from the Windows Recycle Bin
AutoDesk DWG Trueview .DWG file viewer
Tor Browser high privacy web browser
Apowersoft Phone Manager phone backup suite of tools

Be sure to check back with FileHippo for future updates on these and many other programs, as well as our new product offerings each week.