Up until now, Avira has focused all their efforts on traditional antivirus software that’s intended to contain a security breach after the event. Now, the company is working on expanding their presence (although the company can be considered as one of the biggest online security firms in the world) with a novel approach to stay safe on the web. The Avira Browser will protect users when they’re surfing the web and hopefully prevent problems before they pop up.


Avira’s browser will check sites against their comprehensive database, ensure connections are secure, and keep an eye out for unwanted scripts running in the background according to a report from Liliputing. The browser is an open source project based on Google’s Chromium and will basically take care of itself. However, advanced users will be able to play with settings, install browser extensions, and more. It runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. You can sign up to beta test the browser by joining the Avira Beta Community.

The option to install the Avira extension for Chrome is available but the company says the browser itself will offer better security, more features, and more options. But the question remains whether or not the antivirus software company will be able to produce a final product that people will want to use. Even Microsoft has struggled to develop a popular web browser in recent years, although Edge seems to be a step in the right direction.

Online security is as important as ever and your browser is the easiest point of access for unwanted parties eager to obtain your information. Avira’s going to have a hard road ahead as they try to compete against other browsers, but if the company makes good on their promise and delivers a browser as secure as their antivirus software, they’re going to have a unique selling point and leg up on the rest of the competition.