It’s great when the best gets better, and that’s exactly what Blender has done by releasing its latest update to version 2.75a. Still in beta, FileHippo has it, ready for test driving. What makes the new and improved Blender update so great?


Apart from the expected bug fixes, this version of the software offers AMD OpenCL rendering and fully integrated stereo/multiview support. Not enough? Check this out, from the developers:


  • Blender now supports a fully integrated Multi-View and Stereo 3D pipeline
  • Cycles has much awaited initial support for AMD GPUs, and a new Light Portals feature.
  • UI now allows font previews in the file browser.
  • High quality options for viewport depth of field were added
  • Modeling has a new Corrective Smooth modifier.
  • The Decimate modifier was improved significantly.
  • 3D viewport painting now supports symmetry and the distribution of Dynamic Topology was improved
  • Video Sequence Editor: Placeholders can now replace missing frames of image sequences
  • Game Engine now allows smoother LOD transitions, and supports mist attributes animation

For those of you not aware of Blender’s opportunities and mission, the Blender Foundation is a Dutch organization whose primary goal is to put powerful rendering tools in artists’ hands. Their free, open source software provides users with amazing capabilities, and their support and film contests can really give artists a leg up when it comes to getting their work in front of audiences and making a name for themselves.

To check out the latest version of Blender on FileHippo, click HERE.