There are tons of things that can slow your computer down: cookies, temporary files, old clipboard content, broken shortcuts, hidden files that didn’t delete, even your browser history. One of the most popular–and arguably easiest to use–options to get rid of all that junk you don’t need is CCleaner, whose developers released an update.



When users begin to experience crashes and system freezing, a lot of people assume there’s a virus at work. While it’s good to keep your antivirus up-to-date, this kind of behavior can also happen whenever your registry is bogged down with temporary files and broken settings. This freeware–which already has over one billion downloads around the world–is known for its easy-to-navigate interface and rapid response time in cleaning out your registry and your directories. How fast? Let’s just say you won’t need to go fix yourself a sandwich and come back to see if it’s done yet.

In this era of privacy concerns over corporate and government spying, it’s nice to know you can get rid of the mechanisms that let others legitimately track your online activity (usually just for the purposes of selling you more stuff, but why risk it?). CCleaner removes those tracking items, which not only secures your privacy a little better, it helps your system run faster.

Best of all, CCleaner doesn’t require any special know-how to run it in its default setting, but at the same time lets the more savvy tech user customize the options. You can select which files to delete, which directories to clean, even which cookies to save. You’re not forced to put up with a one-stop, one-size-fits-all situation.

To try out the latest version of CCleaner or to see what other software titles released updates today, check out FileHippo by clicking HERE.