In a recent move to appeal to bloggers and WordPress users everywhere, Evernote and CoSchedule have integrated. Evernote, the world’s most popular note taking app, has always been a place to “collect inspirational ideas, write meaningful words, and present your ideas to the world.” Writing blog posts in Evernote was always easy, transferring them to WordPress was a problem though. Now, instead of copying and pasting, users will be able to sync their blog posts in Evernote through their marketing calendar(s) in CoSchedule.

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Evernote is a company that loves their writers and has a long list of best-selling authors, influential bloggers, and journalists they have featured to prove it. But according to their blog post announcing the integration with CoSchedule, “You don’t have to be Neil Gaiman or Susan Orlean to make an impact with your writing. These days, we’re all writers. It doesn’t matter if you manage a corporate blog or do content marketing. That’s why we’re very excited to announce our integration with CoSchedule, a solution for scheduling content.”

Gathering ideas, planning content, researching, managing marketing strategy, and collaborating will now be easier than ever before. Writers everywhere will be able to turn their notes into WordPress blog posts in the blink of an eye – from anywhere. No wonder Evernote and CoSchedule are so excited about their new partnership. And the icing on the cake? As CoSchedule put it, “your images in your notes will auto-magically sync into your WordPress Media Library.”

Content can be exported into WordPress as HTML or PDFs and users will have the option to share content with guest bloggers using a public link. When users have created a post they aren’t quite ready to share yet, it can be dragged and dropped into their CoSchedule calendar to be published later on. The integration of the two apps is good for more than just blogging though. Advertisements, email copy, eBooks, graphics, landing pages, and videos can be created and shared as well.

These new features are available to anyone with Evernote Basic, Pro, Premium, or Business.