Apple has released an over-the-air software update for iOS users. iOS 8.4 includes some major bug fixes, several improvement to iBooks, and the highly anticipated Apple Music app update. You can download and install iOS 8.4 on your Apple device by tapping Settings > Software Update.

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Crucial bug fixes in this update include Apple fixing the Unicode bug that was causing devices to crash, fixing a bug that prevented GPS accessories from providing location data, and fixing a problem where deleted Apple Watch apps could be re-installed. For more information regarding security updates, you can visit Apple’s support website.  Apple has also resolved an issue that may have prevented downloading books from iCloud.

iBooks has seen several improvement with the release of iOS 8.4 as well. Now, users can browse, download, and listen to audiobooks from the iBooks app. There’s a new “Now Playing” feature specifically designed for audiobooks too. Books that are made for iBooks will now work on both iPhones and iPads where you can find and pre-order books from your library. Users have also been given the choice to turn off Auto-night theme in their libraries.

Bug fixes and iBooks updates are great but the thing that has people talking most is the all new Apple Music app. The Music app now has 24/7 global radio, a streaming music service, and Apple Music connect. The Music app lets users play from a catalog of over 30 million songs with an option to listen offline. The radio feature allows iOS users to listen to interviews, music, and exclusive radio shows through the Beats 1 station. Apple Music Connect is a new social networking feature where artists can interact with fans.

With the release of iOS 8.4 and the the new Apple Music app, all of your iTunes purchases and playlists will now be managed by the new app. Apple Music is free for the first three months. After the three months is up the service will cost $10 per month for an individual plan and $15 a month for a family plan (up to six listeners).

Have you downloaded and installed iOS 8.4? What are you thoughts about Apple Music? We’d love to know!