The much-speculated about launch of Windows 10 will happen in a matter of days–or a little over 150 hours, even, if you’re one of the rare fans who’s rabidly attached to all things Microsoft–and already the critics are bemoaning the changes. With forums throughout the internet arguing the merits and pitfalls, there’s plenty of fodder for discussion.

windows 10


For example, many users have been more than a little annoyed by the fact that the automatic downloader that they installed when the free upgrade was first offered still runs in the background, despite their attempts at removal. According to some, the six files that remain after deletion automatically download and reinstall the update directory the next time the computer is turned on. This has left internet users who pay by the amount data they used with a shocking surprise bill for going over their usage.

But what has many long-time Windows users crying foul is the final death of Windows Media Center, a move that the company has been working towards for some time. Previous attempts at disbanding the WMC were met with criticism, but according to company executives it’s real this time. Users who’ve been enjoying using WMC and a PC tuner as a homemade DVR are quite vocal over their inability to keep doing so.

Never fear! One of the platforms that’s standing ready to fill the void left by WMC is Kodi, whose developers released an update today. What started life as basically a workaround of an old Xbox, Kodi (also known as Xbox Media Center, or XBMC) is a fully customizable open-source system that runs most third-party tuners, among many other things. The software supports both ARM and Intel processors, and runs on Windows, OS X, Xbox, and a few different iterations of Linux.

To check out the specifications or try Kodi for yourself, go to FileHippo by clicking HERE.