Wunderlist, the popular task management tool recently acquired by Microsoft, announced last week that they had some nifty new features in the works. As of last month, Wunderlist boasted over 13 million users. But back to those new features, for starters, now you can mention a date when typing out a new task, and Wunderlist will automatically set the correct due date for your task. Cool, huh?

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“In a nutshell, Smart Due Dates detect words like ‘today,’ ‘Monday,’ ‘next week,’ etc. as you type, and then saves you time by automatically adding a Due Date to your to-do,” Wunderlist said in a blog post regarding the updates. This new feature is already live in Wunderlist’s web app as well as its Chrome and Windows 7 apps. It’s also already part of the Quick Add function in Wunderlist’s iPhone app.

The Smart Due Dates feature is similar to the automatic work Google does for you in Google Calendar – when you add a location in the name of an event with Google Calendar, it automatically fills out the location field for the event. Wunderlist will also be implementing a new way to quickly see how many of your tasks are overdue. Lists you’ve deleted within the last 30 days can be recovered now too.

Additionally, Wunderlist has also given their Android widget a makeover. “It’s now easier to switch which list is shown on the widget, see which Folder the list belongs to, and best of all, you can add a new to-do without having to open the app by tapping the built-in plus button,” Wunderlist wrote in the blog post. All of these changes will help Wunderlist continue to stand out against all of the other task management apps available today. The changes will also help attract new users while holding on to existing ones.