Are you ready to see what’s new at FileHippo? With all the new software titles added each week–and the daily updates to existing software favorites–there’s bound to be something to make your productivity, gaming, or entertainment tech work even better. Check out this week’s latest new launches:

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USB Network Gate for Windows and Mac – This USB sharer makes it possible for you to employ a single USB device on multiple computers by simply installing it on one machine, then providing remote access to it from other authorized machines. You can even password protect it if you want to. Why would you want to share it like that? Well, because this software can enable your printer, fax, or other USB-compatible peripheral to work across multiple devices without having to go out and purchase a wifi-enabled model. It’s perfect for small offices on a budget or a home where one computer has a printer connection but other devices want to print as well.

Serial to Ethernet Connector – Wouldn’t it be awesome to turn your computer into a terminal server? Much like the Network Gate above, this one helps you connect over 200 serial port connections to multiple machines. This kind of capability makes your small office or home office function even better without having to replace all of your current hardware, while still letting everyone access the devices they need when they need them.

Other titles available on FileHippo this week include:

Serial Port Monitor – Helps you monitor the serial port use on your network
Virtual Serial Port Active X – Lets you create, delete, and control virtual serial ports
Virtual Serial Port Driver – Allows you to create virtual COM port pairs

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