Every week, FileHippo brings the tech public new software titles and updates to existing titles, all with the goal of enhancing every type of computer use. Whether it’s for streamlining your workflow or revamping your entertainment needs, there’s a wide variety of titles for any kind of functionality. Today’s updates include support for graphics, ebook files, and more, as AdobeAir, Calibre, WinUtilities, and BitTorrent Sync all released updates. This enhancements include bug fixes and other adaptations that will make these popular titles even more usable.

Adobe Air

AdobeAir is a super-handy platform that lets your favorite web apps run from anywhere, even when you’re offline. As long as they’re supported apps–and companies like eBay are already building their apps this way–you can access them from practically anywhere and run them even faster than before.

Popular ebook management software Calibre lets you store and manage your complete library of ebooks, convert digital files to and from multiple formats for easier consumption (especially on your mobile devices), sync your device to your library, and more.

WinUtilities is a complete tool set that lets you manage your browser and internet use, remove old or useless programs, repair broken shortcuts and connections, and more. Basically, all of the processes that run behind the scenes on the average Joe ComputerUser’s macchine are now accessible to those people with the right need and know-how.

Ever wish you could share a file from your computer, no matter the file size? With BitTorrent Sync installed, you can. Sync uses peer-to-peer technology but doesn’t rely on a cloud-based service, so there’s no such thing as exceeding your file size or going over your paid account limitations. And compatibility won’t be an issue since Sync supports the major operating systems, including Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, NAS devices and more. Best of all, privacy is a major focus for Sync’s developers, and those files you’re transferring are never copied onto a third-party server.

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