Email is listed as one of the great innovations of our time, as anyone who’s ever conducted business or enjoyed a viral cat video can tell you. But some of the functions and features of typical email programs can cause more headaches than they solve; for far too long, most users have just considered that the price of doing electronic business.



OutlookAttachView is an add-on that will help Outlook users by letting them grab attachments from their inboxes and save them in a specific folder without having to open each individual email then download the corresponding attachment. This would be a godsend for a variety of work-related fields, but would be especially helpful for anyone trying to email pictures from a smartphone, for example; with so many mobile operating systems only allowing one photo per “send,” the end result can be twenty or thirty different emails, each containing one attachment. OutlookAttachView would let the recipient grab all of the attachments just by clicking next to each email.

Yet another great option would be to help eliminate clogged inbox space by deleting attachments, again without having to go through tedious practice of opening each email and deleting files that aren’t needed. This is especially useful for those operating within strict inbox size limits, or who receive so much work-related correspondence that their limit gets reached too soon.

One of the handiest features incorporated in the update to the software is the ability to create a separate list of all the attachments you saved. You can can then save in different file types, incorporate it into an existing document or spreadsheet, and more.

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