FileHippo brings you new software titles and new updates to existing favorites every day, and today’s list of updates is all about improving your tech performance and streamlining your productivity.

Apple Security

The first update is EagleGet, and it’s a godsend to anyone who connects via portable, personal hotspots. These wifi connections are often very limited in the amount of data you can use without going over and incurring additional charges, fees that are practically punitive since they serve as an incentive to increase your data plan size. EagleGet speeds up your downloads and can even pickup an interrupted download where you left off when you get back to a free or unlimited connection. That means you can start the process on your portable wifi and then shut down, only to resume it seamlessly at a later time. It’s an added layer of convenience for anyone who needs to work fast.

Of course, EagleGet is more than just a download accelerator. It offers malware protection while giving you a lightning fast download grabber, letting you grab files you may need for later use, like videos or news articles. Of course, the whole thing is free and is guaranteed not to bring spyware or malware with it.

Another great productivity tool that’s releasing an update today is TinkerTool, specifically for Mac. This collection of system utility features gives you the tools you need to perform some more advanced administrative tasks in a self-updating platform that adapts to whatever system and version you’re running. Many of the things that TinkerTool lets you do are not readily visible to everyday users, but are accessible through this application.

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