A handful of new software updates that came out today are designed to enhance your multimedia experience and make manipulating or consuming your digital content easier than ever before. With everything from awesome playback to actual editing, these titles will help make your content even more enjoyable and functional.



Adobe’s Shockwave player is one of the industry standards for awesome multimedia playback. As one of the leaders in the field in interactive functionality, Shockwave is the powerhouse behind everything from top-notch games to business presentations. The latest update for this platform runs both IE and Mozilla.

Another great title, Wavepad, lets you actually edit your audio content on an easy-to-use interface that includes cut, copy, paste, delete, insert, silence, and auto-trim tools. It also lets you utilize sought after audio-specific effects like amplify, normalize, equalizer, envelope, re-verb, echo, and reverse. The range of included voice applications is also handy, especially when you consider that all of the tools work on multiple audio file formats.

Zortam MP3 Media Studio, a top-notch bundle of audio file tools, also released a new version today that optimizes everything great about MP3 playback. The tools let you dig through the file to display extras like artist name, album, lyrics, cover art, and more for over 35 million songs. All of it works seamlessly through the included batch tagging option that grabs this data when you access your database of music.

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