The team at FileHippo works to bring tech users the latest new software releases and important updates for existing titles, and this week’s releases are no exception. The developers of the following long-standing favorites have both issued updates to make their programs run even better while managing and protecting your content.

back up

SpeedCommander is a file management system that works in even more ways than existing options like Windows Explorer. With a range of intuitive keyboard shortcuts that lets you open new file windows at the touch of a button, it’s easy to flip through your content and find what you need. This utility also gives users enhanced search options, secure deletion, file syncing, and more, all designed to help you navigate your stored files with ease.

Of course, once you have all of your stored files where you want them, the next step is securing them. That’s why so many users rely on options like Iperius Backup to store their content in the cloud, on an external hard-drive, even tape backup options for pro users, and other hardware. More than just a copy of all your files, Iperius affords you the ability to create a drive image in order to recover your system in just the way you left it. A backup is only as good as the last time you ran it, so Iperius also incorporates a scheduled backup feature that lets you set it and forget it.

Both SpeedCommander and Iperius Backup are offering their free trial versions to FileHippo users, with the option to unlock features or expand your purchase after trying them out. To see these updates and all the new software releases, go to FileHippo by clicking HERE.